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Welcome Home

Saluti da Cortona! The beautiful hilltop town which lies on the borders between Tuscany and Umbria, the county seat of one of the largest counties of Italy. Cortona has most recently been in the limelight due to Frances Mayes’ successful series of books, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “In Tuscany”, and so on, however, it has been for centuries a venue on the itineraries of numerous visitors who have come to discover and explore the historical wealth of this city.
After arriving in Cortona in 1986, freshly graduated from the University of California at Davis, as a participant in a studies abroad program with the University of Georgia, I felt as if I had finally arrived home. Through a series of strokes of good luck (including meeting my husband here ) and interesting experiences ( like winter farm sitting with 4 ducks, 7 hens a gaggle of geese and a crow) but most of all through the kindness of the people I met here, Cortonese and not, who have helped me make a home and family here. My husband, Luciano, inherited this building from an extraordinary man and when he obtained full ownership of the property he couldn’t bear the idea of selling it- even though the façade was crumbling, the water, electric , heating systems all had to be redone- and thus, with our hard work and that of our collaborators Casa Chilenne was born. And I, after 15 years of working as a tour director was convinced by Luciano to embark on a new adventure.
With our work and dedication to this project we have tried to enhance the past charm of the building to create a place for you to call your home in Tuscany, your home in Cortona.
Welcome Home!
Jeanette Wong, Luciano Polezzi, Carlotta & Daisy

Why “Casa Chilenne”?

Chilenne (Key-léhn-neh) was the nickname of Alifer Mancini, the man who bequeathed his home to my husband Luciano. Our B&B is a small tribute to a great man. We pay homage to my husband's Cortonese origins in the logo which incorporates the Cypress of the Etruscans and the Florentine Lily, with symbols of pilgrimage and nature. We honor the memory of Chilenne, a Tuscan "sharp of eye and tongue" with a great and generous heart.

Carlotta’s Corner

Our toy poodle, Carlotta is the official concierge of the house she will announce your arrival and her daughter, Daisy will energetically great you. Our welcome committee is easily bribed with treats. Greenies have a special place in their hearts (and diet). We dedicate a blog to “ Cortona according to Carlotta”.

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